1st day

An early morning start to catch a 6.30am flight to Lukla. A small twin prop plane- I hate small planes. After having my eyes shut for some time John another intrepid group member tapped me on my knee and said look at that. The Himalayas above the clouds. It is truly magnificent! I felt like crying, but I suspect some if that was anxiety and fear. Lukla is a small airstrip on the side of a mountain, not as terrifying as I thought when we landed. Had some breakfast and headed out! The path is really rocky and uneven, something I hadn't thought about, so that alone makes it difficult to walk. It's only a 3hr walk today the easiest of the trek, but I was struggling throughout it. I had doubts if I was going to make this whole trek. In somewhat a lucky way it was something I ate as I threw up all afternoon and evening.