4th day

Namche to Phortshe straight up and straight down steeply all dayMomo in Kathmandu, these have been fried. I think I prefer the steamed ones! Hoping to get in a cooking class after my trek and learn to make these. Follow my blog for details at natalieboog.com for about 6 hrs of walking. The path sometimes is only 30cm to 1m wide.Straight up on the left and straight down on the right. And then after lunch it started to rain, only light drizzle at first which is fine. It's been kind a nice not walking in the hot sun for a change. But then the rain got harder, the path more unstable and muddy. My pack got a little wet and had to dry out cloths by the yak poo fire in the common living area. This little village it lovely. I'm glad we're going a different route to most, despite the much much harder climbing that it is. And yes that's not a typo is much much harder.
Walking into the village Bikash our guide pointed out all the yaks grazing on the steep slopes above the village- just beautiful. As I'm always walking last in the group no one else was with us to see this.
All day you make little deals with yourself. Just get to the top of these stairs. Or just just get to that tree, or just get to lunch. Besides it being hard on the leg muscles, the aren't hurting of an evening. The hardest part is the breathing, it feels like I have asthma. I just can't get a full breath of air, my lungs never feel full. As we go up and down it can be easier when you head back up but coming down is great!