Return of my group from EBC

Was great to see everyone heading down the hill. They looked exhausted!
It took them longer as Terry stopped at the medical outpost on the way down. He has a chest infection, and is more sunburnt than me. He looks terrible. I heard he needed help getting down from base camp, the altitude had started to affect him. He also has a bruise that is the while side of his thigh. The walk into EBC had only Ben cleared that morning, it's wasn't the right track and was extremely diifucult. The guys feet kept going through the snow under their feet.Kimberly had some nasty scratches up her shins from the rocks under the snow. She also said they walked up a valley and heard avalanches the whole time either of them. There was only about 10 people already at base camp when they got there. I'm so glad they made it but am happy with my decision not to go on.