After only a day of being in Kathmandu already I'm exhausted! This wonderfully crazy town really is like no other city I've travelled too. It's the start of a Hindu festival in a couple of days and already you can see the colour everywhere and feel the excitement in the air. Last night I tried a local dish called Momo. Delicate little dumplings which you can have either vegetrian or not. They were so delicious, and the dipping sauce was like a curry. More of a snack food, I ate it for dinner. Trying to eat smaller meals in readiness for the altitude. Today for lunch a traditional Nepalese meal, rice, chutney, curry vegetables, I didn't mind it but was expecting more intense flavours. It's nice to have food that's not so rich all the time anyway.
Hoping to get on a cooking class for Momo but won't know till I get back from trekking- fingers crossed. Would love to share this dish with you all!
Tonight a traditional chicken curry, Indian food- there's a lot here. Very authentic- full of flavour and just enough heat.