More from Kathmandu

This afternoon I realized I hadn't taken a single photo of myself here. I'll have get some selfies in. Probably not appropriate to do in Temples anyway, which is where I spent most of my day. Starting at a budist temple, I wondered why everyone was walking in the clockwise direction? I did turn and take photos of peoples faces, which I didn't know till after was very disrespectful to have the Temple on my left side. Then onto a Hindu Temple where they have the ghats. I had a personal guide here who was just fantastic. I learnt so much about the Hindu religion and also the site. As a big festival is about to start this temple was very busy. I was also fortunate enough to see the ghats in action. Not so fortunate for the families. I thought this would be hard to watch, seeing a body cremated in the open. But I found it really interesting and there was not any smells I thought I'd smell. The use of sandlewood helps I guess. My guide was just so interesting I was really caught up in everything he was saying. The tradition behind the cremation and what it all means, helps to overcome what it is you're watching.
A selfie tomorrow I promise! From where I haven't decided yet.