Here we go!

Heading off first thing tomorrow to Lukla. Starting the trek at 2200m above sea level! Funny enough during the day we will actually decend 300m. It's the next day that's the killer, ascending nearly 1000m and most of that is in the last 3km- everyone think of me on Friday and push me up that hill in your thoughts.
Already had an unhappy tummy with change in diet- a little too spicy I think. I'm looking forward to getting out of Kathmandu and seeing the real Nepal.
Today for lunch Indian, aloo mutter a vegetable curry of potatoes and peas, with chapatti. Hoping I don't regret this later. The spicy food here isn't that hot to eat but seems hotter once it hits your stomach. This morning I got lost around my favorite little square, which is just crazy. There are two sellers on the temples in the road who sell wraps and blankets. I talked to them about the yak wool blankets. There is a real version quite rough but other softer version is acrylic and cotton blends.
Then treated myself to a massage before all the pain. Just about to meet my other tour Trekkers for an afternoon of greet and meets.