Fruit&Veg Co-Op

Yesterday was my turn to go and shop for our group of 10. I'm hoping to post all the meals I've cooked in the next fortnight. Gets what we got for our $40 each
1 pt strawberries
1pt blueberries
Bunch of kale
Bag of rocket
Head of lettuce
Bunch of rhubarb
Bag of beans
Whole pumpkin
4 avocados
Bunch of bananas
5 green apples
12 Roma tomatoes
6 eggs
Whole garlic head

I'm hoping to make rhubarb muffins, BBQ chook salad, avocado/tomatoes and feta brushetta, marinated steak in garlic with salad or steamed beans, kale pesto in scrambled eggs and also pasta, roasted pumpkin risotto and also in salad, hamburgers with kale pesto, sausages and salad, the extra ingredients have cost approx $75 for woolworths.

Already I've made rhubarb muffins and kale pesto. Roasted the pumpkin ready for quick meals during the week.
Stayed tuned.