Functionary February!

Get functional in February! If you haven’t already jumped on the Marie Kondo method, give it try. Even if you only start in one room or one cupboard. It has been infections for me. One cupboard turned into another, and another and before I realised I was doing whole rooms, then the whole house and even the attic storage.

The side affect of ridding yourself of items that no longer bring you joy, is the environmental impact.

Last month since Marie’s show has aired on Netflix, charities have had an increase in donations for this time of year. Great if someones trash becomes another person treasure, while at the same time providing charities a much needed income to continue their great work. But think where your non donating pieces are being discarded. Is it recyclable? Is your local council having a IT, Chemical, electrical collection coming up?

The clean up doesn’t stop with the decision to let go, but to be responsibility for where it ends up. It certainly makes you think twice about any purchases next time your out shopping after going through this process.

Certainly having an functioning house where everything is tidy and clean makes for a good start to the year!